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Moellon a ready-made by Shangri-l

This work is available under the term of the CC-BY-SA license. This mean you can :

  • Copy and redistribute this work
  • Distribute derivative works of this work, as long as they are licensed under  CC-BY-SA

Known instances of this work :

  • Instance 1, released 08/2008 by Shangri-l 
  • Instance 2, released 02/2009 by Shangri-l (This item has been moved to the ‘Derivative Works’ section)
  • Instances 3 to 14, released 02/2009 by Le morse des mers (theses items constitute also the derivated work 12 moellons)

Known derivative works of this work (all of these are CC-BY-SA licensed) :

Known redistributors of this work :

  • Shangri-l – Low prices ! Low shipping ! Contact me with the address below.

Official book :

If you want your instance/derivated work to be listed here, or if you want to be listed on this page as a redistributor, contact us.


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